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Bridging the gap 

We know that a full phone system overhaul isn't always a possibility. Our consultancy service provides the perfect solution for businesses that already have an existing phone system and aren't in the position to change- whether that be because of contracts or budgets.

Our consultancy service allows you to tap into a variety of services that include bespoke built training, phone system amendments and ongoing phone system support and maintenance. All of these and more will help you to bridge the gap until moving onto one of our systems is more realistic.

Consultancy also covers the advisory services that clients have looked to us for because of our expertise, namely running and writing internal tenders, project management and public sector bid support for companies who don't cover all aspects of large tender.

Bespoke built training

Minor and major system amendments

Support and maintenance

Telecoms tender & project management

We can help you.

For quick access to technical support please contact our 24hr Help Desk on 0344 272 2292.